In the bible, a verse is a word used to refer to a sentence. In the whole of the Old Testament (5 Books of Moses), there are 5,845 verses. This number is split in the following way between the five books:

Bereishit/Genesis: 1,534

Sh’mot/Exodus: 1,209

Vayikra/Leviticus: 859

Bamidbar/Numbers: 1,288

Dvarim/Deuteronomy: 955

As you can see, the book with the most verses in the Torah is Bereishit, and the book with the least is Vayikra.

Here you can see that there is no punctuation in a Torah scroll.

The Torah doesn’t have any separation between verses when you are reading it from the scroll. Nor was the Torah marked with sentences when G-d gave it to Moses. It was only at a later date that the separation between the verses was added.

To answer this question, we are referring to a verse as written in the original Hebrew rather than another translation or language.